Cisco Spark for Startups

Cisco Spark Promotional Agreement – Up to $1,500* for 12 Months

This Cisco Spark Promotional Discount Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Cisco Systems, Inc. (“Cisco Systems” or “we”) and the customer who signs below (“you” or “Customer”). Cisco Systems is pleased to offer you the following terms in connection with this promotion:

• During your use of Cisco Spark Cloud Services, you agree to place the Powered by Cisco Spark logo (the “Logo”) on your website.
• You may receive up to a $1,500 Cisco Spark Cloud credit per month for a 12-month period applicable to the Cisco Spark Cloud.
• You agree that we may publicly disclose that we are providing Services to you and may use your name and logo to identify you as our customer in promotional materials, including press releases (provided that Cisco Spark will allow you to review any press release(s) prior to issuance) and case studies, white papers, event materials, presentations, website content and earnings calls, in all media, now known or which may become known in the future.

*Package includes Cisco Spark M3 licenses, Spark video endpoints and additional hardware.