We are looking for people to build the next wave of Cisco Spark bots and integrations.

1)  Create a Cisco Spark Bot or Integration

Step 1: Fill out the BU bot/integration validation form:
Bot-Integration Validation

Step 2: Upon approval. Create your bot/integration here. (Check out Howdy BotKit to build your bot.):

2) Content creation (videos and blog) submission rules

  • Create a <3 minute video of your Bot or Integration
  • Post the video on YouTube for customer consumption
  • Make sure your video addresses the below:
    • Storytelling: Is the idea well defined?
    • Business Impact: Does the concept solve a business problem?
      • Who does it benefit?
      • What is the experience improvement on the existing process?
      • Would we buy it?
  • See video section for Video Submission Rules
  • Post your blog on Cisco Communities
  • Submit URL/link on:

Video Submission Rules – YouTube

  • Use your Cisco email account to register and log into YouTube. Title your video: Cisco Spark – [Vertical/Type] Demo.
  • Please keep video private/hidden on YouTube until BU approval
  • Make sure to use YouTube keywords: cisco, spark, tropo, api, encryption, business messaging, collaboration, webex, teams, chat, voice, video, desktop share, telepresence



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