Join the Cisco Spark Ambassador Team


It’s easy to join the team! First, complete the video training requirements listed below. Then, submit the Ambassadors application on the site. 

Upon completion of the training, you’ll get the coveted Spark Swag Kit, along with a Spark Ambassador Certificate, access to the official in-app Spark Ambassador Space, and exclusive event invites only for Spark Ambassadors.

Cisco Spark Swag Associate

Cisco Spark Swag Professional

Spark stickers (5 qty) Spark stickers (5 qty)
Spark socks (2 qty – of any design) Spark socks (4 qty – 1 of each design)
 Spark Ambassador Shirt Spark Dev Shirt
Spark Ambassador Shirt
Spark Hoodie

Issues with training, access, or anything else? Join the Support Space: and post about it there. You may also email support at

We look forward to having you on board – and please remember to share this opportunity with your networks!


Associate Accreditation (Non-Developer)

This track is for Cisco and partners who are not (yet!) developers but want to learn more about Cisco Spark.  (Note: For customers and Cisco BUs not in CCTG/CVTG,  skip steps 2 – 3).

1) Apply here
Application Form

2)  Upon submission of your application, check and read your email.  There is one task that you have to complete in the email.

3) Video Application

Provide a short 2-minute video. In the video please introduce yourself, explain what you’re doing with Spark and why you love it. Tell us anything else you want to know about you and what you do. Upload your video to that space using the directions here:

4) For Cisco employees and partners only :

  • Complete all six test modules and take the COLT exam (Note: This test takes three hours to complete and is the same SAAS training that is used for EPE.)

Access Issues? Please verify your entitlement first. If you find you are not entitled correctly, follow the instructions: Associate Cisco ID to Company.pdf

5) Upon completion, submit this form:
Ambassador Check-off Form

That’s it! Your Directory entry and Spark Swag Kit should both arrive within 6-8 weeks.


Professional Accreditation (Developer)

This track is for current developers and those who have backgrounds in development. It is also for Associates looking to become Professionals.

If you are a developer, please complete the Associate accreditation (above) and show us your Spark bot. Then fill out the Ambassador Check-off Form.

If you are an Associate looking to become a Professional, follow these two simple steps below:

1) Complete all Associate accreditation steps above first.

2) Complete all Cisco Spark modules for one of the DevNet learning tracks below. We highly encourage for you to do both tracks if you can –  the modules that aren’t on the list!

  • Basic: Cloud Collaboration for IT Pros (Python):
    • This track is for IT professionals who can code, install, and automate devices –  and who can demonstrate a love of Cisco Spark!  The Basic track covers ChatOps, bots, and more.
      • Module 1: “The Business Value of Cloud Collaboration APIs”
      • Module 2: “Cisco Spark Extensibility and Security”
      • Module 3: “Automating Cisco Spark”
      • Module 4:  “Cloud Integration Services”
      • Module 5: “Creating Cisco Spark Bots”
  • Advanced: Cloud Collaboration for Software Developers (JavaScript):
    • The Cloud Collab track is for people that know how to code in any language and want to quickly discover what they can build with our APIs. This is where you can learn to build awesome bots and apps.
      • Module 1: “Cisco Spark API”
      • Module 2: “Cisco Spark Apps”
      • Module 3: “Cloud Integration Services”

3) Create a Spark Bot you can demo to your customer, then share it with us so we can test it. Bot submission details are here: Professional Track: Bot Submission

4) Upon completion, submit this form: Ambassador Check-off Form

That’s it! Your Directory entry and Spark Swag Kit should both arrive within 6-8 weeks.