Associate Application

Application Instructions

The Associate level is to get you comfortable with the Depot, bots, integrations and to provide an overview of Cisco Spark. Follow these steps to complete your application.


  1. Depot & Bot Training: Go to the Cisco Spark Depot and give two bots a spin and provide feedback.
  2. API Training (for Cisco, Partners, and ISV’s only): Complete Cisco Spark API 101 track
  3. Be Social and Stay Up to Date: Follow Cisco Meetings on Twitter: @CiscoSpark, @Webex, @CiscoSparkAmbFacebook, and LinkedIn
  4. Product Overview: Watch the following videos
  5. Application Video: Upload a <2-minute video pitch using the OneMob mobile app discussing “Why or How” you use Cisco Spark*. (See exact steps below.)
  6. Complete the Application form below.

*Application Video Steps
Provide a short 2-minute video. In the video please introduce yourself, explain what you’re doing with Spark and why you love it. Tell us anything else you want to know about you and what you do. Upload your video to that space using the directions below.

1.  Join this space:
2. Follow the Video Upload Instructions:
3. Post to video to the “Video Application (OneMob)” space.


Associate Application Form

Associate Application
DOUBLE CHECK that you entered your email correctly.
*Will only be used by the shipper in the event of a swag delivery issue. Enter your Country Code.

Cisco Spark Ambassador Questionnaire

Bot or Integration Feedback

Please provide detailed information on what we can improve on with these bots or integrations. What did you like? What did you not like?

Cisco Spark API 101 Track

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Check the boxes of which videos you watched.

Application Video

Ambassador Directory

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Notification of acceptance into the program will take 5 business days.