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Ambassador Program & Benefits

Cisco Spark Ambassadors are distinguished Spark experts and are early adopters of next-gen collaboration solutions. They deliver business outcome demos with our ISV ecosystem, speak at events, run conferences and meetups, attend hackathons, write sample code, learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning, work with developers, startups and more.

We are excited to have you sign up as a Cisco Spark Ambassador. Simply complete the training requirements listed below and you’ll join an amazing global team of Spark members.

Cisco Acknowledgement

Smile! You’ll appear on the Ambassador Directory.

Early Access

Get invitations to collaborate on bots and integrations, demos, content, features, upcoming projects, and more.

Event Invitations

Free Cisco Live Tickets, TechCrunch Disrupt, AngelHack, Web Summit, and TadHack … are you coming with us?

Cisco Spark Business Unit (BU) Access

Become a part of the Cisco Spark team! Ambassadors gain access to relevant subject matter experts (SMEs) at Cisco, along with previews of field demos and developer resources.

Access to a global network of professionals

Receive invitations to closed communities and mailing lists exclusively for Cisco Spark experts.

Contests and Prizes

Enter VIP contests and win awesome Spark swag.


This track is for Non-Developers wanting to learn more about Cisco Spark and all its features and capabilities.

    • Cisco Spark Product Video Overviews
    • Depot Overview & Bot Training
    • Cisco Spark API 101 Training
    • 2 Minute Video Application
    • Social Engagement: Follow Cisco Spark on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


This track is for Developers or aspiring Developers.  You will learn more about Cisco Spark API’s and how to create Bots.

  • Must have completed the Cisco Spark Associate track
  • Overview of the Cisco Spark Video SDK Sampler and Widgets
  • DEVNET Cloud Collab Basic & Advanced Training
  • Create a Cisco Spark Bot


The Cisco Spark Master Accreditation exemplifies the top 5% of Cisco Spark Ambassador Evangelists. A nomination from the BU and account team, completed application, and an interview is needed to be accepted into this program.

Cisco Spark Master are identified by doing any number of the following:

  • Maintain a presence in communities, user groups, forums, and at tech events
  • Blogging, social media engagement, writing technical articles, online or offline publications
  • Offline and online speaking engagements: conferences, meetups, User Groups, seminars, unpaid lectures, webinars, and webcasts
  • Attend and assist at Cisco Spark API training or Hackathons
  • Attend and assist at Cisco Spark Pop-Ups/Meetups
  • Provide feedback to Product (UX/UI issues, features, etc.)
  • Share their Cisco Spark success stories
  • Mentorship to Startups
  • Create bots and integrations
  • Contribute to Open Source Start Kit on GitHub
  • Published sample projects/tools/codes

The following are pre-requisites for the application:

  • Must have completed the Cisco Spark Professional track
  • Contribute frequently to the Ambassador Spaces