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Ambassador Application

Spark Ambassador Questionnaire

Partners, ISV's and customers can skip question #3.

Welcome! You are a few minutes away before being added the largest Cisco Spark Partner Space and becoming part of a 1,900-user community of Cisco Spark Champions. Before you fill out the application form, please read this disclaimer in its entirety.

The spaces detailed below have been created to help you quickly find answers about anything over Cisco Spark. The Cisco Spark Ambassadors spaces is a self-supported community with limited Cisco TME and BU access.

Please take note the type of spaces and rules below before joining.

Cisco Spark Ambassador Terms and Conditions

1 – Please don’t post about yourself right away, support the group first.
2 – Please make sure what you post is related to Cisco Spark or anything Spark related.
3 – Limit to 1:1 chats if you post a question to help avoid a lot of chatter. Start something meaningful and direct the message to the user. Whatever your finding may be, share it with the space.
4 – Use the @mention command to make sure the user you are speaking to will see your message.
5 – Be constructive, helpful, and encouraging! Start quality discussions. Do not spam or post anything inappropriate, leak NDA information or you will be banned.

The Cisco Spark Ambassador Spaces

Ambassador Spaces – Invite Only
Ambassador Community (GENERAL)– All Spark discussion topics are to be posted in this space. Unofficial and Official Ambassadors are members of this space.
Cisco Spark Engineer – Space for anything technical and SE related over Spark.

Developer Spaces
Botkit Devs – [ Join ] Discuss anything to’s developer toolkit. staff is moderating this space.

Website Communities – Invite Only
Cisco Spark Ambassadors Facebook Community [ Join ] – Pinned topics such as news and a calendar of events.
Cisco Spark Partner Community [ Join ] – Please bookmark this site! This is the Spark partner portal with promotions, GTM activities, and other Cisco confidential documents. Search this portal before you ask questions in the spaces. All Partner related documents such as PowerPoint, PDF’s, and contests are posted here.

For Ambassador program support questions or issues, please use the following space:
Ambassador Program Support [ Join ] – The support space to ask anything to the Ambassador program, swag, or directory issues. You can also email:

Finally, we are accepting applications for people that want to help moderate! Apply here:

Thank you and we look forward to growing the Cisco Spark community together with you!


The Cisco Spark Ambassador Team

By clicking “Agree” you acknowledge that you will follow these rules and you will also be a part of our mailer. NOTE: You will get an email of the Ambassador Terms and Conditions which you must read.