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Cisco Spark Professionals

Photo of James Adams

James Adams

Long time Cisco customer, my first router was an AGS+ back in 1991. Still have memories of visiting the Cisco office in Menlo Park and finding shell casings on the ground next to my car. Worked in Europe and worked closely with many folks from Cisco Europe in Les Ulis France through the 90s (Salut tout le monde!) and recently have been working for Cisco VARs in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Pre-sales solutions architect.

Photo of Abdelbar Aglagane

Abdelbar Aglagane


Abdel is a system engineer recently graduated from CSAP as VSE in the software practice, Abdel has a software background and likes to spend his time hacking things and coding new things.

Abdel is based in Paris, originally form a small town called Skoura in Morocco.

Abdel is passionate about new technologies and he is an avid bee keeper

Photo of Bernhard Albler

Bernhard Albler


Bernhard Albler is a Cisco Voice CCIE working in Austria. In 2015, he co-founded Vienna-based Frink Advanced Services, a boutique Cisco partner specialized on collaboration with additional focus on the rising importance of the human factor in collaboration.

For Bernhard, collaboration services are not built on one pillar but three: technological factors (engineering excellence), human factors (user adoption strategies) as well as business factors (business relevancy of it).…

Photo of Noureddine Amri

Noureddine Amri

Senior Software Engineer

Consultant and entrepreneur. Skilled in web and mobile app development. Winner of multiple awards.

Photo of Brad Bester

Brad Bester

Systems Engineer

Cisco SE and avid Maker with a strong appetite for APIs.  Contributor to the Devnet Python Spark SDK, co-creator of a couple pending SDN patents, and lots of interest in bots, robotics, drones, Big Data, and machine learning.  Programming for just over3 decades, in the networking industry for over 2, and with Cisco for just short of 1.  …

Photo of Casey Bleeker

Casey Bleeker

Business Development Manager

MedAssistant and SalesConnect Bot creator. Hackathon enthusiast.  World traveler.

Photo of Steve Burnley

Steve Burnley

Collaboration Technical Lead

Collaboration Technical Lead at Softcat, a leading UK based VAR and Cisco Gold Partner.  With 16 years of experience in IT sales across a wide variety of vendors and technologies I’m a passionate advocate for Collaboration technologies, especially all things to do with Spark

Photo of Harish Chawla

Harish Chawla

Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco Spark to SMS bot creator featured on the Cisco Spot.

Photo of Paul Cheek

Paul Cheek

Full Stack Web & Mobile Entrepreneur

Consultant, entrepreneur, and full stack software engineer. Focus on web, mobile, database, and systems design and development

Photo of Gereint Collier

Gereint Collier

Presales: Cisco Spark and Next Gen Video

Presales Consultant – Next Generation Meetings. Passionate about Cisco collaboration and teamworking.

Photo of Lara Benito Concepcion

Lara Benito Concepcion

Associate Systems Engineer

Photo of Phillip Connew-McAvoy

Phillip Connew-McAvoy


Apart from my great interest in technology, I am also greatly driven by convergence and providing added value to existing systems to achieve the most from them. I have a passion for web design and most aspects of it including scripting, html, xml coding and developing ease of use graphical interfaces such as using the SOAP AXL to provide functionality that is not available from Cisco today.…

Photo of Andres Corral

Andres Corral

Strategy Product Sales Specialist

Mexican, Passionate for efficient collaboration and team work dynamics, Strong experience on Video and SW development, Aquarist and blogger.

Photo of Matt Day

Matt Day

Cloud and Data Centre CSE

Throughout the years I’ve spent much time working with customers and partners to develop new and innovative technical solutions. Recently, I have been focussed on cloud computing, application development and data centre integration. This includes solutions such as OpenStack, hybrid cloud management, Software Defined Networking and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Photo of Rhys Deas

Rhys Deas

Head of Model Office

Head Of Model Office for HMRC, driving business innovation across contact centres and back office, looking to create customer service solutions to allow all customers the ability to self serve in the UK Tax System , DUCCE and AUCCE qualified for HCS

Photo of Marcello Federico

Marcello Federico

Consulting Systems Engineer

Chester, Pollbot and SalesConnect Bot creator.

Photo of Jonathan Field

Jonathan Field

Business Development Manager

I am incredibly passionate about Software, working in technical pre-sales but also being a developer and understanding how solutions truly work is invaluable in helping to deliver results for my customers.

Photo of Dave Fleck

Dave Fleck

Product Sales Specialist

Helping bring pervasive video and collaboration solutions to Enterprises, Healthcare, and State & Local Government in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. I love video conferencing and am passionate about helping my clients solve complex collaboration challenges. Every day I connect with organizations across the world and I don’t force them to join via a certain type of medium.…

Photo of Wilfried Fouchaux

Wilfried Fouchaux


Unified communication Pres sales at Telindus Luxembourg

Francisco Fuster

Systems Engineer

I am a Systems Engineer with main focus on Enterprise Networks and Collaboration architectures.  For the last 8 years at Cisco, I have been driving adoption of these technologies and become trusted technical advisor to several Manufacturing and Retail customers.

Photo of Jonathan George

Jonathan George

Cisco Partner

MeetingZone is gearing up for the new era of Cisco’s collaboration, centered around cloud and mobile, transforming the way people work with a next generation of collaboration tools. I have a passion for technology and its application to drive business outcomes, changing the way we enable teams to get stuff done.

Photo of Laura Giles

Laura Giles

Integration & Automation Consulting Engineer,

Tekken champ, fire starter.
#innovative #integrator #cx #voice #data #crm #iot #dev #analytics

Photo of Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg

Consulting Systems Engineer

A resource to Cisco’s World-Class Jabber, Workspace & Collaboration Partners, providing timely & persistent updates, news and perspective.

Photo of Justin Haefner

Justin Haefner

Unified Communications – Architect

Collaboration Architect

Photo of Tor Hagemann

Tor Hagemann


Personal objective: Unite fields of computer science and mathematics, preferably for the purposes of research or education and through applying a shared, open-source philosophy to tackle challenging engineering problems.

Photo of Pavel Hoffman

Pavel Hoffman

Systems Engineer

Photo of David Houska

David Houska

Advanced Technical Consultant, Line-of-Business Leader Converged Communications

Photo of Kareem Iskander

Kareem Iskander


Devvie Bot creator. DevNet’s Event System Engineer. Hacker. World Traveler

Photo of Andrej Jelenik

Andrej Jelenik

Systems Engineer

Czech and Slovak field Systems Engineer with technical focus on Cisco Cyber Security, Meraki and Cisco Collaboration solutions

Photo of Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson


CEO/Founder of Liberty Technology

Photo of Mark Kamerer

Mark Kamerer

Senior Solutions Architect

Sr. Technology Architect with twenty years of Cisco / Voice experience. The spark secret sauce is customization through APIs ad customer integration.

Photo of Pavel Krizanovsky

Pavel Krizanovsky

Systems Engineer

Photo of Thorsten Kurthien

Thorsten Kurthien

Senior System Engineer

Senior System Engineer with a passion for Collaboration and UC products.

Photo of Joe Leventhal

Joe Leventhal

Global/Enterprise Collaboration Sales Specialist

Photo of Austin Lutz

Austin Lutz

Network Engineer

Austin focuses primarily on Unified Communications with a specialization in Telepresence based products such as CMR (Collaboration Meeting Room) and MRA (Mobile and Remote Access). In addition to maintaining the Cloverhound Data Center, Austin is often found tinkering with anything tech. He also enjoys working outside and traveling to different parts of the world.

Photo of Nicholas Marus

Nicholas Marus

API and Programmability Director

Engineer and Developer.

Photo of Mehedi Hasan Masum

Mehedi Hasan Masum

Research Assistant

Programmer and undergrad student. Winner of 4 International Hackathons. Love AI and open source. Believer of  ‘Roll up your sleeves and get it done’.

Photo of Michael Maurer

Michael Maurer

Associate Systems Engineer

Photo of Lawrence McIntosh

Lawrence McIntosh

Business Development

Over 35 years experience in Telecom starting out as a Network Operator for the Arpanet. Have worked in Operations, Product Development, Pre and Post-sales Engineering and currently in Business Development. Below is some additional information concerning current responsibilities.

Currently holding a multifaceted role that includes developing the strategy for Tata Communications North America Network as well as the global UC&C strategy.…

Photo of Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Consulting Director

Born and raised in Southern California, Josh Miller has been consulting on and deploying Cisco Collaboration systems for 17+ years.

Photo of Jon Miranda

Jon Miranda

Collaboration Architecture Engineering

I work for a Cisco Partner…GDT based out of Dallas Texas.

Photo of Michal Mlynka

Michal Mlynka

System Engineer

Cisco Unified Collaboration system consultant focused through full Cisco UC portfolio.
Cisco Voice/Collaboration CCNP system engineer.
Years of experiences with implementation and support of the Cisco Voice/Collaboration solutions.
CCSI Cisco Certified System Instructor (#34918) focused on routing&switching&voice&collaboraiton topics.

Photo of Jacob Munson

Jacob Munson

UC Engineer

Photo of Jason Murray

Jason Murray

Collaboration Systems Engineer

Collaboration Engineer working for Cisco dCloud.  Developer of the Spark Services Demo and Spark Enablement Lab listed on Cisco dCloud

Photo of Cyrille Naert

Cyrille Naert

Solutions Architect

Passionate about new technologies and always eager for new knowledge, Spark with its API allows to create new automations and interactions. I naturally use it to improve the user experience and offer my clients a greater nesting of Cisco tools with its architecture.

Photo of Sankar Nair

Sankar Nair

UC Solutions Architect

Sankar Nair is a unified communications solutions architect at the Pacific Northwest branch of CDW. He is a CCIE in collaboration for the last ten years and has over fifteen years of designing and deploying Cisco unified communications projects.

Photo of Chris Norman

Chris Norman

Consulting Systems Engineer

CSE @ Cisco Systems, UC watcher and owner of popular blog . These tweets are my own, not Cisco’s.

Photo of Bernard Paques

Bernard Paques

Solution Architect, Cloud, Europe

Solution Architect at Dimension Data Europe, and involved into digital transformation of major customers. Developing preferably in python and interested into bots too.

Photo of Ian Perry

Ian Perry

Collaboration Solutions Architect

Working with Cisco collaboration technologies since the CCM 4.x days. Previously involved in deployment, but moved to pre-sales a number of years ago. Now enjoying explaining the individual and team productivity benefits of Spark. Very recently graduated from Associate to Professional Ambassador, and looking forward to expanding the possibilities of the Spark platform through bots and integrations.

Photo of Rekha Rawat

Rekha Rawat

Software Systems Engineer

Photo of Patrick Riel

Patrick Riel

Software Engineer

Software Engineer. DevNet’s Event Team.

Photo of Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav Singhal

Consulting Solutions Architect

Collaboration Solutions Architect focusing on cloud, hybrid and on premise collaboration needs. Also focusing on building coding skills to play with Spark APIs. Have CCIE Collaboration certification with 10+ years of experience doing collaboration plan, design and implementations.

Photo of Jon Snipes

Jon Snipes

Solutions Consultant

After Working as a butcher for several Grocery chains in the region, I decided to make a career move. I have gained focused experience with Cisco Collaboration products working for Cisco TAC on CME/CUE gateways and designing and deploying collaboration solutions for Cisco Gold partners and completed my CCIE Collaboration. My focus is on Voice and Video deployments in complex call routing environments as well as developing applications to leverage Cisco APIs to fulfill advance call routing and collaboration needs and device/user provisioning.

Photo of Silvia Spiva

Silvia Spiva

Cisco DevNet Community Manager

Silvia K. Spiva, Cisco DevNet Community Manager,  is a Multicultural Marketer, creating content for global audiences, from the heart of Silicon Valley. Her passions include children’s literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and finding ways to bridge if not crush the #DigitalDivide

Photo of Jason Su

Jason Su

Systems Engineer

Spark Evangelist and Cisco Systems Engineer based in Southern California.

Photo of David Taylor

David Taylor

Developer. Software Engineer. Project Manager – CDIO Digital Services

Currently I am a developer / software engineer with HMRC specialising in Collaboration Technologies. Designing and advising teams on solutions that solve their business challenges. I am Working on Cisco Spark and Cisco Tropo development –

– Tropo building API’s both inbound and outbound for SMS messaging, Voice and Interactive voice response (IVR) for the national UK contact centre.…

Photo of Trad Tobaishat

Trad Tobaishat

Senior System Engineer

Photo of Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard

Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard

Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer in the European Digital Acceleration Team, with a focus on Spark & Spark API’s. Last year I started to learn Python and currently I’m about to finish a Django and Javascript training. As a proof of concept I have integrated my (automated) home with Spark, allowing me to control lights, get security camera images and get every other piece of data you could think of, like: water/gas/power consumption, weight scale data, door & temperature status.…

Photo of Harry Watson

Harry Watson

Member of Technical Staff

Created a number of bots and Tropo integration’s within Cisco IT, Hackathons and externally for fun.

Photo of John Welsh

John Welsh

Technology Engineer, Engineering Deathmatch Host

John is a 17 year veteran of Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration. In addition to his job working for a large Cisco partner, he is the creator and host of web TV series Engineering Deathmatch, which has several episodes focusing on Cisco Spark and Spark APIs.

Photo of Mattias Widman

Mattias Widman

Third Line Support / Solution Architect

Solution Architect / Third Line Support within the collaboration field at Cygate AB. I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Been using Spark since before it was even called Spark, remember the Project Squared days anyone? Consider myself a bit of an evangelist for all things Spark…

Photo of Kevin Wooten

Kevin Wooten


I am a Technical Solution Architect for Collaboration covering the Commercial Select and Territory teams.   I have a passion for collaboration and cloud technologies.  I live by the moto your belief about yourself determines your behavior

Photo of Jagath Yapa

Jagath Yapa

National Manager – Collaboration and Customer Experience BU

Jagath ( JAG) , National Manager heading Collaboration business for Dimension Data in Australia. Apart from my great interest in Cisco technologies and solutions , I have strong appetite for APIs. I have been working with clients and partners to develop new and innovative technical solutions. I am passionate about helping my clients solve complex collaboration challenges.

Cisco Spark Associates

Photo of Karmin Abadi

Karmin Abadi

Project Manager

Spark Evangelist

Photo of Tim Adams

Tim Adams

Area Sales Exec, Cloud Sales

Sales Specialist for Cisco on their Spark offering. Goal is to understand value for all Customer Vertical’s and to drive change at Cisco to adapt to our Customer’s needs.

I volunteer for Veteran groups as well as helping to drive education opportunities in Central Africa utilizing Spark as a platform to educate Developers.

I like anything Crafts from Roasting Coffee’s to Making Skateboards.

Photo of Stefan Alberts

Stefan Alberts

Partner Success Manager

At Cisco I am a Partner Success Manager for WebEx & Spark, working with an assigned base of partners in the DACH region to drive adoption and usage of our solutions. Next to this, I am part of EMEAR’s Spark Subject Matter Expert Team to support in any kind Spark related matters within our EMEAR CS team, such as providing tips and tricks on how to pitch Spark or the Spark Board to our partners and customers.…

Photo of Zsolt Almasi

Zsolt Almasi

Network Engineer

I am a determined cisco engineer with a focus on cisco cloud products like Cisco Spark or Meraki

Photo of Paul Alvarez

Paul Alvarez

Systems Engineer

Cisco Systems Systems Engineer for the NY Territory (Downtown) Team.

Photo of Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson

Systems Engineer

Photo of Michael Anggaputra

Michael Anggaputra

Network Development Engineer

Based in the Cisco Innovation Centre Sydney, a seasoned Network Development Engineer with a passion in SDN, IoT and network automation.
Working to push traditional boundaries of networking, one step at a time.

Photo of Lilith Antunovic

Lilith Antunovic

Partner Success Manager

– Spark-CS (Customer and Partner Success)
– focus on adoption and support for partners in EMEAR, Germany and Central
– Spark Evangelist Lead for CS
– CCM portal, Annuity ordering, Lifecycle Advisor

Photo of Rahul Arora

Rahul Arora

Principal Solution Architect

Sparkin’ All Day Long!

Photo of Rihan Ashraf

Rihan Ashraf

Product Management

I am a product manager at Ingram Micro taking care of Cisco Collaboration as a product. I am from India.

Photo of Brian Balka

Brian Balka

Consulting Solutions Architect – Collaboration

Consulting Solutions Architect Collaboration

Photo of Jermaine Barnes

Jermaine Barnes

Sr. Voice Engineer

Sr. Voice Engineer for iVision, Inc. in Altanta, GA with over 10 years experience in Telecommunications and Unified Collaborations.

Carlos Barros


Degree in Engeneering in Electronics and Computers CCNA CCNP R&S 8 Year experience in Voice and Collaboration sollutions

Photo of Garikoitz Barrutia

Garikoitz Barrutia

Telecommunications Engineer

Photo of Ashley Batchman

Ashley Batchman

Virtual Sales

Photo of Dominik Bauer

Dominik Bauer

Systems Engineer

Photo of Sabir Bedi

Sabir Bedi

Solution Consultant-Collaboration

I am Sabir Bedi ,with more than 9 years of experience in Collaboration Portfolio ,Currently working as a Solution Consultant in Pre sales role with Dimension Data Passed my B-Tech in 2008 from MIMIT,PTU,Punjab Passed my higher secondary Education from DAV College ,Abohar Passed my 10th From ACS,Abohar ,Punjab (ICSE) Thanks Sabir

Photo of Fernando Beninati

Fernando Beninati


I’ve been in the Technology industry for almost 30 years. I’ve been with Cisco for 16 years in different positions such as Account Manager for the Oil,Gas, and Industry segment in Argentina, Global Account Manager for GET accounts, and now  as Collaboration PSS in Chile.

Photo of Michelle Bentley

Michelle Bentley

Lifecycle and Technology Adoption Specialist

I am passionate about new ideas, and technology, especially when they provide real solutions. I am dedicated to helping Cisco and their partners drive customer success using product and business knowledge to aid technology adoption.

Photo of David Bernasek

David Bernasek

Technical Consultant Cisco

Cisco certified System Engineer interested in amateur radio contesting and sports.

Photo of Robert Billinghurst

Robert Billinghurst

Unified Communications – Technical Expert

UC engineer – Omega Digital Technologies.

Photo of Alex Bisset

Alex Bisset

VP, Collaboration Sales

Vice President, Collaboration Sales at HB Communications, Inc. He is the business practice lead and go-to-market strategist for all collaboration technology solutions. Acting senior level executive/SME for all HB Unified Communications related sales and services. Focusing on customer satisfaction for all enterprise level UCC deployments. Responsible for corporate strategy alignment, sales and operational competencies with HB’s core collaboration platform partners; Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom and Crestron.…

Luis Blasco Piñeiro

Technical Manager

Photo of Jimmy Blaylock

Jimmy Blaylock


Keith Blount

Michael Keith Blount

Photo of Adolfo Bolivar Obregon

Adolfo Bolivar Obregon

Systems Engineer

Spark Evangelist

Photo of Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Collaboration Consultant Manager

CCIE #17963 and Collaboration Consultant Manager.  Implementing and supporting Cisco UC since 2005.

Photo of Sebastian Bonk

Sebastian Bonk

Cloud Business Consultant

Cloud Business Consultant

Photo of Adam Bonny

Adam Bonny

IT Infrastructure Director

Infrastructure Director at Natilik

Photo of Artem Borodai

Artem Borodai


Was working in Cisco as CSE for Video products and now selling and explaining how this world works for customers from partner side =)

Photo of Samir Bouguenna

Samir Bouguenna

Virtual Customer Success Manager

An ambitious,truly committed and well organized individual with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, perseverance and the creativity to achieve both personal and corporate goals. I am currently working as a Virtual Customer Success Manager (VCuSM) at Cisco to engage customers through regular touch points focused on the successful alignment of the customers strategic priorities and desired business/operational outcomes; tracked and measured through a jointly developed Customer Success Plan .…

Photo of Alexis Bouton

Alexis Bouton


Consulting Systems Engineer – Spark Video Specialist

Photo of Caroline Brochu

Caroline Brochu

Software Account Manager

After almost 20 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT, I am known for high standards of quality, efficiency, and productivity.
I am a dynamic, well-organized engineer, who is always seeking for new challenges and innovation.
Love working at Cisco, and participate in introducing new technologies that can change the work we live in.
Cisco Spark is making such a difference and truly innovative, as it is a new method of coordination, a forum to easily capture ideas, a place for the work products to live, a physical and digital experience, seamlessly connected and secured.

Photo of Daniel Bromberg

Daniel Bromberg

Product Sales Specialist

Daniel works as a Cloud Collaboration Product Sales Specialist for Cisco in Germany. His career with Cisco started in  2007. Since 2013  he build up deep expertise in SAAS, including WebEx, Jabber & Audio Conferencing. With the launch of Spark Daniel helped  his customers to understand the additional value this new and exciting service will bring to them.

Photo of Kamil Brothanek

Kamil Brothanek

Systems Engineer

In Cisco business since 2007

Photo of Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Systems Engineer

Photo of Makiko Brunetti

Makiko Brunetti

TAC Bridge Engineer

TAC Bridge Engineer since April 2017. Previously I worked in Investment banks.

Photo of Steven Bryk

Steven Bryk

Solutions Engineer

Sales Engineer , Collaboration Specialist

Photo of Philippe Bugnard

Philippe Bugnard

Senior System Engineer / Architect

Philippe Bugnard is a systems engineer and UC solutions architect. He has been in the IT industry for about 20 years, and he is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). He is passionate about technology.

Photo of Lorraine Bush

Lorraine Bush

Compugen Inc

PMP with a proven track record of multiple successful (and award winning) projects.
Smart Services and Collaboration Adoption; driving the customer’s adoption of software, solutions, and services to help them achieve their business objectives and realize business value from their purchased solutions Recognized by Cisco leadership in Canada for development and implementation of their smart programs.

Photo of Ondrej Cadik

Ondrej Cadik

ICT Services Director

Photo of Chris Capasso

Chris Capasso

Business Development Specialist

I am a Business Development Specialist at DataServ, specializing on Collaboration with a big focus of course on Cisco Spark.

In my free time (ha), I train for and participate in Triathlons (yes, I’m one of those crazy people who swim, bike and run all in the same day).

Photo of Joshua Capitano

Joshua Capitano

Technical Consultant

Photo of Brian Caporicci

Brian Caporicci

Consulting Systems Engineer

Dynamic Consulting Systems Engineer focused on Cloud Collaboration solutions with over 15 years experience across vast IT roles and functions.  Interfacing with all facets of Unified Communications, Network Security, Operations, Product Management, and C-Level decision makers.  I hold myself to a high degree of professionalism and seek endless improvement in my technical skills, knowledge base, sales, and business acumen.

Photo of Tim Cappel

Tim Cappel

Technical Solutions Architect

I believe that Spark and business messaging tools like it are the future of collaboration in the workplace.  Seeing and working with the Spark Board shows a complete and seamless collaboration solution.  I always enjoy working with customers to help them map out their collaboration roadmap.  Every customer is different in some way, and that is what creates excitement in each day.

Ryan Carricato

Photo of Ryan Carricato

Ryan Carricato

Senior Solutions Architect, Sales Engineer

Photo of David Carrion

David Carrion

IT Pre-Sales Manager

Passionate about Cisco collaboration and networking cloud solutions.

Photo of Bill Carter

Bill Carter

Senior Solutions Analyst

Bill Carter is a Senior Solutions Analyst with Sentinel Technologies, Inc.

Photo of Tommer Catlin

Tommer Catlin

Collaboration Practice Lead

The client’s end user experience is our top priority.  With over 17 years of voice and video expertise, I help drive our client’s to “collaboration nirvana”

Photo of Eric Chaineux

Eric Chaineux

Networking and Digital Workspace Lead

I love to navigate the complexity of technologies, demystify it to the extent possible and translate their potential into messages that ultimately mean something palatable to businesses, communities and people: along the lines of improved performance and sustainability, faster innovation, reduced costs and risks, competitive differentiation and enriched customer experience.

Technologies of interest:
– M2M/IoT, Connected Objects, IP Networking, Wireless
– Unified Coms, Collaboration, Contact Centres
– Digital Imaging
– Cloud-based Enterprise Applications
– Utilities Management & Renewable Energy

Photo of Mark Chambliss

Mark Chambliss

UC Solutions Architect

Currently a pre-sales Solutions Architect for Netsync Network Solutions, Mark specializes in developing solutions and strategies to meet his customer’s collaboration needs. He has been working with Cisco solutions for over twelve years, and he takes great pleasure in learning and evolving as collaboration technology and customer expectations continue to evolve. As a technologist at heart, he leverages and uses many of the Cisco collaboration tools on a daily basis, and he is particularly excited about cloud services and the many benefits that come from them.…

Photo of Chris Chia

Chris Chia

IT Engineer

I am a UC Engineer with Cisco IT.  For the last 10 years at Cisco, I am dedicated to helping Cisco and customers using my technical knowledge to aid leading UC technology adoptions.

Photo of David Comber

David Comber

Head of Product and Services

Photo of Heather Corbin

Heather Corbin

Heather has worked in the Audio Visual / Video Collaboration industry for 20 years as a trusted advisor. Her territory includes Corporate, SMB, education and government clients within the Southeast.

Photo of Michael Costantini

Michael Costantini

Senior Consultant / Lead Architect

Photo of Eldyth Tony Cuevas

Eldyth Tony Cuevas

Practice Lead – Collaboration & Network

Principal Lead – Collaboration & Network at CDI Southeast

Photo of Joseph D’Autorio

Joseph D’Autorio

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer based out of Connecticu

Photo of Wayne De Nardi

Wayne De Nardi

Courtroom Technology Coordinator

TelePresence Professional based in Adelaide, South Australia, predominantly working within the Justice sector.

Photo of Jose Paulo de Oliviera Petry

Jose Paulo de Oliviera Petry

Solutions Analyst

Photo of Ben DeStephen

Ben DeStephen

Photo of Sjoerd Dijsselbloem

Sjoerd Dijsselbloem


Photo of Bill Donovan

Bill Donovan

Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer – Collaboration CCIE Collaboration #55817

Photo of Chris Driggers

Chris Driggers

Director of Collaboration

Chris Driggers is Managing Director of Collaboration at Cumberland Group with expertise in network design, communications and interoperability design and Cisco Collaboration. Chris specializes in enterprise environments and has over 17 years of experience architecting solutions that enable clients to achieve business objectives by optimizing communications. He is a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) in Collaboration and holds numerous other industry certifications.

Photo of Juraj Ducky

Juraj Ducky

Systems Engineer

Photo of Nathan Dunlap

Nathan Dunlap

Senior Development Engineer

Software developer with 13 years of experience in many languages, methodologies, and technologies. Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Photo of Robert Ecke

Robert Ecke

Account Manager & Web Collaboration Specialist

Account Manager & Web Collaboration Specialist

Photo of Atle Egeberg

Atle Egeberg

Virtual Sales Specialist

Photo of Jonathan Els

Jonathan Els

Senior Technical Solutions Specialist

Technically-minded CCIE in Collaboration, currently residing in Austria, with a background in both UC development (Cisco HCS) and a number of years of Collaboration engineering consulting. Keen interest in network automation and app development.

Photo of Rodrigo Farmer

Rodrigo Farmer

Systems Engineer

Photo of Dan Farrell

Dan Farrell

Solution Architect

Buffalo, NY born and raised. Cisco focused since 2012. I am an architect focused on the full stack of Cisco Tech including Collaboration (and Spark), Cisco Data Center, Enterprise, Security and IoT platforms. I worked for the world’s largest tech disti for nearly 5 years before joining a local VAR where I focus most of my time on emerging technology including Spark.…

Photo of Steve Fishman

Steve Fishman

Consulting Systems Engineer

Steve Fishman is a Collaboration TSA at Cisco in the Americas Partner Org. He enables Cisco partners in the NY/NJ area. Steve has been with Cisco for almost 9 years. He was hired in 2009 to help launch the Unified Computing Systems family of products. Steve Has also spent time in field sales supporting the Commercial space as well as being a Data Center CSE supporting partners in the North East.…

Photo of Jordan Fletcher

Jordan Fletcher

OneSource Engineer

I am a network/voice engineer for a MSP and have been providing voice/collaboration solutions to our customers for several years.

Photo of Shelby Fowler

Shelby Fowler

Virtual Sales

Photo of Corey Freeze

Corey Freeze

Partner Account Manager

Cisco Employee leveraging Spark – work as Partner Account Manager promoting Cisco Spark to hundreds of partner teammates!

Photo of Nathan Gageby

Nathan Gageby

Collaboration Engineer

CCIE 53467 looking to venture into the DevOps world. Using Spark as that entry point.

Photo of Lassaad Gannoun

Lassaad Gannoun

Solution Architect and Consultant for Unified Communications and collaboration

Lassaad Gannoun holds a PhD degree in computer sciences from the University of Nice Sophia Anitpolis, France since1998. Lassaad Obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, on 1994 and an engineering diploma from Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique (ENSI), Tunis, on 1993.
Lassaad has more than eighteen-year record in developing, implementing and supporting advanced leading edge IP data and voice networks, Wlan and telecommunication solutions projects across clients’ complex real-time, security and business critical infrastructure.…

Bo Gao

Technical Leader

Photo of Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia

Consulting Systems Engineer

Consulting Systems Engineer – Spark Video Specialist

Photo of Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner

Systems Administrator

Experienced systems administrator with many successful Spark deployments under his belt. Avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast.

Eli Gelber

Public Sector SE

Cisco Systems Engineer with a focus on Collaboration.

Photo of Shriram Ghatge

Shriram Ghatge

Senior Network Pre-sales

Dynamic SE driving Collaboration Architecture.
He is a true believer of Cisco Spark and especially Hybrid Services, so, his goal is to to educate and popularize it amongst the people.

Photo of Paul Giblin

Paul Giblin

Technical Sales

Paul is a Cisco-focused technical sales leader with 16 years of industry experience and 10 years of experience operating exclusively in the Cisco and Partner space.

Photo of Fabian Giordano

Fabian Giordano

Systems Engineer

Collaboration Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems – Spark evangelist.

Photo of Irzana Golding

Irzana Golding


Photo of Franklin Gonzalez

Franklin Gonzalez

Project Engineer

I have 10 years of experience in different platforms of networking. I have been leading several projects in enterprise, banks and commerce, focusing on UC/Collaboration, R&S and Data Center areas

Photo of Andrea Goodsell

Andrea Goodsell

Sales Specialist

Inside Sales, Cisco Specialist and Sales Administration for Liberty Technology.

Photo of Stefina Goorhuis

Stefina Goorhuis

Account Manager

A highly motivated and organized Team Leader and Partner Account Manager focusing on overachieving on set targets.
Timekeeping & being organized are my unique selling points as well as always looking to deliver innovative content resulting in driving business growth.
Feeling extremely proud being part of the UK&I VPAM team in which we have won 3 Sales Excellence awards (2 of them being Global).…

Photo of Pal Gran

Pal Gran

Managing Director

Experienced manager/sales manager with a passion for utilizing IT solutions to achieve successful business outcomes.
A collaboration sales specialist with strong financial and business development skill sets.

Photo of Davide Grandis

Davide Grandis

Technical Solutions Architect

Photo of Christoph Grassmug

Christoph Grassmug

Business Development Manager Collaboration bei

Spark Evangelist

Kirill Groshev

Photo of Kirill Groshev

Kirill Groshev

Customer Support Engineer

Photo of JuanJose Gutierrez

JuanJose Gutierrez


I am Juan Jose from Mexico and I really love technology. I can’t imagine myself doing something different.  I like to stay in touch with all new stuff around the world. Of course I love Cisco as company and as a leader of innovation. I have more than 10 years of experience in Cisco products and solutions.…

Photo of Mackenzie Guy

Mackenzie Guy

Systems Engineer

Passionate about transforming the way people live and work through Cisco Spark.

Photo of Anand Hariharan

Anand Hariharan

Technical Solutions Architect

Living and loving the wonderful world of Cisco Spark! Check out some of my BOTs at depot and if you want to build something together, give me a shout!

Check out by Translator BOTs:



Photo of Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

VOIP Engineer

Photo of Ali Asad Hasan

Ali Asad Hasan

Sales Business Development Manager

Photo of Paul Hermann

Paul Hermann

Customer Engagement Manager

I am a CCIE and TOGAF certified Solution Architect focusing primarliy on Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies. These include Voice [Cisco Unified Communications Manager], Immersive [Telepresence] and Pervasive Video, and naturally the integration aspects of such projects.

I also use advanced Consulting and Business skills in order ensure that technical solutions and delivery align with customers expectations and requirements

Photo of Chris Hewett

Chris Hewett

Sr. Director of Managed, Cloud, & Connectivity Services

As Sr. Director of Cloud, Managed, & Connectivity Services, my role is to provide the expertise in all our cloud offerings including Cisco Spark.
-17 Years in the Telecommunications and Cloud Space (UCaaS)
-Cisco Spark Admin and Power User

Photo of Brandon Him

Brandon Him

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Open-source is my passion, and code is my craft ✧

Developed and contributed to several open-source project including a few cloud collaborative software bots.

Photo of John Hime

John Hime

Customer Experience Sales

Photo of Karel Hnat

Karel Hnat

Collaboration Team Leader

An enthusiast in new collaborative technologies. Focus on customer needs analysis, adoption of services and technology development.

Photo of Brett Hodgden

Brett Hodgden

Sales Engineer

Brett is based in Houston, TX and has worked in a Solution Architect capacity for over 5 years.  He is passionate about technology adoption and looking for the best solutions to enhance customer communication. With 10 years experience in the IT industry, he is focused on Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio specializing in Voice, TelePresence, Contact Center and other architectures.

Photo of Christian Holst

Christian Holst

Photo of Jaromir Holy

Jaromir Holy

Photo of Hugh Honts

Hugh Honts

Cisco Collaboration CSE

Photo of Chris Howard

Chris Howard


Photo of Donnie Howard

Donnie Howard

Account Manager

Photo of Michael Huang

Michael Huang

Solutions Consultant

Photo of Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson

Manager – Network Infrastructure & Telecommunications

Steve Hudson
Manager – Network Infrastructure & Collaboration Teams
Philadelphia, PA Area

Photo of Matthew Hull

Matthew Hull

Product Specialist

Photo of Jennifer Ihejimba

Jennifer Ihejimba

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Paul Immo

Solutions Architect

Working to increase awareness and sales or Spark.

Photo of Curtis Jacobson

Curtis Jacobson


I am a Cisco Sales Engineer for Corporate Technology Group in Montana.   We have been in business since 1985 and been a Cisco partner since 1994.   We have worked with Spark for three years when it was in EFT and love where it has progressed into a great Collaborative platform for everyone.   We have software developers in house that have integration experience with systems and Spark.

Photo of Jose Abel Jimenez Martin

Jose Abel Jimenez Martin

IT Infrastructure Projects

Photo of Jesse Jorgensen

Jesse Jorgensen

Sr. Systems Engineer

Sr. Systems Engineer at Chickasaw Telecom in Oklahoma City, OK with over 12 years of experience in the Cisco Partner space focusing on Collaboration, Enterprise Networking, and Security.

Photo of Thanatham Julaphatachote

Thanatham Julaphatachote


Cisco Spark Associate Ambassador

Photo of Dustin Kaplan

Dustin Kaplan

Network Engineer

Photo of Gerry Keleghan

Gerry Keleghan

Technical Solutions Architect

Been working at Cisco for 17 years mostly covering collaboration and serving Cisco customers and partners in Ireland and the UK. I have a keen interest in development and coding. Also dabbling in IoT with python scripting.

Photo of Jesse King

Jesse King


Jesse King is a Technical Solutions Architect with Cisco Systems. He specializes in collaboration technologies that help solve business problems. Jesse has been helping build Cloud Connected collaboration with Webex, Spark and hybrid approaches for over 10 years.

Photo of Kasey King

Kasey King

Consulting Systems Engineer

3 years as SE in Crossroad Select Commercial
CCIE Collaboration #18474

Photo of Tracey Kingston

Tracey Kingston


Taleka has been delivering end user adoption, training and customised eLearning solutions since 1997. Along with our partner LIFT innovate, we help organisations achieve their business outcomes by getting the most out of their technology. We focus on first finding WHY business users should be using collaboration technologies, before we train them on the HOW.

Photo of Brian Kirkwood

Brian Kirkwood

Principal Voice Network Architect

Brian is a Principal Architect for Lennox International in Richardson, TX (Dallas area) with 25+ years experience in the IT industry and has been focused on Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio for over 10 years now.

Photo of Josh Kittle

Josh Kittle

Senior Collaboration Engineer

Josh Kittle is a senior network engineer with a focus on Cisco Collaboration. Having worked with Cisco collaboration technologies since the early 2000’s, Josh is focused on sharing his experiences with his peers and furthering Cisco collaboration solutions.

Photo of James (Jim) Koniecki

James (Jim) Koniecki

Principal Consultant : Communications:

Jim Koniecki is a Principal Consultant at Dimension Data. Jim has over 19 years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing enterprise and service provider solutions.

Jim has earned the respect and admiration of clients and co-workers for his unique ability to demystify and apply technology in a meaningful way. His technical aptitude, business acumen and strong communications skills combined with his experience to design, run and operate mission critical enterprise networks make Jim a valuable asset to our customers.

Photo of Dmytro Kravchenko

Dmytro Kravchenko

Network Engineer

The world is changing and we should be ahead helping people to adopt it.
I’m a true believer of Cisco Spark and especially Hybrid Services, so, my goal will be to educate and popularize it amongst the people.
I’m a Network Consulting Engineer in the Connected Experience Team.

Photo of Daniela Krcova

Daniela Krcova

Network Engineer

Photo of Tomas Kriz

Tomas Kriz

Product Manager – UC&C

Product Manager for UC&C @ AV MEDIA, a.s.

Photo of Julien Kroes

Julien Kroes

Technical Consultant UC & Collaboration

Collaboration (Cloud) Consultant at Axians ICT.
Specialist in Cisco Collaboration / Hosted Collaboration Solution [HCS] Designs.

Started working in IT around ’98/’99 on IVR Systems, Unity, Fax applications. Cisco acquired Unity and therefore started on Cisco Callmanager 3.2 as well. From then on worked with all VoIP/Cisco UC/Collab versions eversince. Now full time working on Cisco HCS and Spark + Hybrid Services.

Photo of Olivier Ksiazek

Olivier Ksiazek

Senior Unified Collaboration Solutions Engineer

Senior Unified Communications Engineer.

Alan Lach

Business Development Manager

Photo of Duane Larson

Duane Larson

Hilton Worldwide

VoIP and Collaboration enthusiast. Have been in the IT field for 14 years, not including growing up with the internet back during the BBS and AOL days. Self-taught VoIP expert thanks to Asterisk and OpenSIPS usage.

I am Director of Wi-Fi/Collaboration/VPN/Content Filtering Architecture at Hilton. I love all things technology-related and always looking for new and exciting ways to make our Hilton Team Members more productive.…

Photo of Ivan Law

Ivan Law

Client Registry

Kristi Leach


Photo of Marin Leeb

Marin Leeb

Photo of Thomas Leitner

Thomas Leitner

network security engineer
information security engineer
collaboration engineering
spark enthusiast

Photo of Sebastian Leuser

Sebastian Leuser

Systems Engineer

Photo of Leonardo Lima

Leonardo Lima

Digital Transformation Evangelist

I am a Network Engineer and IT Project Consultant with focus on Enterprise Networks and Collaboration architectures. I have been conducting adoption of these technologies in large clients in Brazil. Enthusiastic of Digital Transformation and of the digital culture, aimed at generating productivity gains for the business. With the launch of Spark, I helped my customers to understand the additional value this new and exciting service will bring to them.

Antonio Lombardi

Technical Solutions Architect

I am incredibly passionate about technologies and new ways to perform better, working in technical pre-sales but thinking out of the schemes in order to speed up benefits for my customers.

Photo of Nathan Luk

Nathan Luk

Solutions Consultant

Photo of Vladimiro Macedo

Vladimiro Macedo

Virtual Systems Engineer

Photo of David Macías

David Macías

UCCE Engineer

Hailing out of beautiful Charleston, SC, talk to me about all things contact center and custom integration.

Photo of Maria Claudia Martinez

Maria Claudia Martinez

Business Development

Wide knowledge in distribution channels growth and development in the IT segment. Large experience in commercial strategies focused on sales, product/service portfolio expansion and management of strong end customer relations. Excellent personal relationships, leadership and human resource management, efficient resource management and optimization thereof. Great organizational skills, planning and control. High focus on results and performance of over 100% according to the requirements of the company in fiscal periods.

Photo of Rui Martins

Rui Martins

Collaboration Engineer

Collaboration enthusiastic willing to onboard everyone into Businesse Messaging.
Joining Collaboration APIs, CPaaS and Business tools is the way to go.

Photo of Nilesh Mathure

Nilesh Mathure

Nilesh is based in Toronto, Canada and has worked with various Cisco channel partners in a Solution Architect and Business Development role for over 10 years. He is focused around Cisco Collaboration and Data Center Architecture.

Photo of Brad McAllister

Brad McAllister

Consulting Systems Engineer

Photo of Rosh McMahon

Rosh McMahon

Strategic Solutions Architect

A technology evangelist, I am driven to succeed in meeting customer challenges with complete fit for purpose telecommunications and collaboration solutions that are cost effective and deliver real-world benefits

I manage a team of passionate consultants across broad skillsets with the common goal of delivering exceptional customer experiences and profitable solutions.

Photo of Josh Messer

Josh Messer

Account Executive

Josh Messer is an Account Executive at Liberty Technology, an MSP based in Griffin, GA and servicing the South Metro ATL area and beyond.

Photo of Eduard Michalicek

Eduard Michalicek

Team Leader System Specialists

Photo of Rauno Mihkelsaar

Rauno Mihkelsaar


My journey into IT started in 2009. At the beginning, all these cardboard boxes with 3-letter abbreviations looked exactly the same, like some sort of secret code.
Since the very beginning, my exposure to Ciscos products and services has been prevalent and I’m constantly aiming to keep up with innovative developments in the field. I am a holder of a different Cisco Certifications, including Cisco Business Value Analyst (CCBA) certificate and I’m continuing my education in entrepreneurship and business administration at Estonian Business School.…

Photo of Jeff Millon

Jeff Millon

Virtual Sales Account Manager

VSAM in RTP, Married with two kids

Photo of Peter Mirabile

Peter Mirabile

Chief Technologist

I specialize in Collaboration. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than
being part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees.

Photo of Maria del Pilar Munoz

Maria del Pilar Munoz

Technical Solutions Architect

Maria del Pilar Munoz is a Technical Solutions Architect, specialist in Collaboration and Telepresence technologies for Cisco Latin America. She joined Cisco in 2005 and is currently responsible for developing the Collaboration technical strategy for Latin America. With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, she has also provided technical consultancy services supporting customers in all segments in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.…

Photo of Gary Murphy

Gary Murphy

Business Development and Account Executive

A Unified Communications solutions sales professional with 20 years experience of selling Cisco based communications solutions to mid-market, Enterprise and Government clients.

Photo of Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy

Business Technologist (Cisco Focused)

ITGL are a technology company that work with people in Non Technical roles to help them achieve their business objectives. We use the power of Spark to transform the way businesses communicate.

Photo of Anoop Narang

Anoop Narang


A view to Enterprise IT Implementation of Cisco Spark Platform, Services and Integration to build/optimize and transforming digital employee experience with  Cisco Spark.

Photo of Amr Nasher

Amr Nasher

Cisco Solutions Architect – CCNP, CCDP, ITIL, Cisco Champion

Been working as a Cisco Solutions architect and designing Cisco Solutions for the last 10 years, in different Cisco Partners. Now working in NITC Solutions which is focusing on Cisco Collaboration Solutions.

Photo of Pranith Neal

Pranith Neal


I am a multi-skilled IT UCV engineer, primarily skilled in Cisco Unified Communications (UC), with extensive knowledge and varied experience in other IT technologies, including networking and virtualisation. I am a dedicated learner and have a strong record of adaptability.

I have significant experience applying my skills across a wide range of verticals (including but not limited to Service provider, government, manufacturing and telecommunications), providing solutions to suit various clients’ needs.…

Photo of Khoi Ngo

Khoi Ngo

Systems Engineer

Photo of Erich Novak

Erich Novak

CCIE#51623 Collaboration – working @ NTS based in Vienna as a Senior Systems Engineer

Photo of Michael O’Nan

Michael O’Nan

System Engineer

Cisco SE, CCIE Collab, and passionate about learning new technologies.

Photo of Barry Oliver

Barry Oliver


Director and Part owner at Provista UK Ltd. Cisco Business Value Practitioner and Collaboration Architecture Systems Engineer with over 15 years working in Cisco Collaboration.

Photo of Steve Orfanos

Steve Orfanos

Enterprise Architect

Photo of Brandon Orlando

Brandon Orlando

Commercial Sales Associate

Flemming Ortvald

UC System Engineer at TDC NetDesign

Summary :
Trained as “electronics mechanic” in “Royal Danish Airforce”: Radar, datacommunications and chrypthography.
Technician at “Trend Communications A/S”: Working with multiplexers, modems and
NetDesign A/S: Networking. Cisco CCIE . Since 2001 mostly UC applications.

Specialties :
CCIE R&S #3422 Unified Communications applications, deployment and configuration

Experience :
UC System Engineer at TDC NetDesign
September 1988 – Present (27 years 3 months)
Tasks developed from support of “BlackBox” like products, through networking to current day focus on Cisco Unified Communications portfolio.…

Photo of Jaret Osborne

Jaret Osborne

Solutions Architect

Tenured Cisco Advanced Services Engineer seeking to apply engineering background in a pre-sales or marketing related capacity. Experiences with pre-sales product selection, customer interaction, creation of service proposals and new service offerings in addition to a solid understanding of many Cisco products, will enable rapid growth in a customer facing Sales Engineer role.
Proficient with creating, supporting, and describing architectures which combine several diverse products (Cisco and Third Party) to enable solutions for customers.…

Photo of Simon Ovadia

Simon Ovadia

Collaboration Customer Success Manager

Spark Customer Success Manager and Global CS Spark Evangelist Squad Lead. Focused mainly on adoption and retention of end-customers.

Photo of Deepak Pabbisetty Gopalakrishna

Deepak Pabbisetty Gopalakrishna

Contact Center Technology Consultant

Experienced Senior Lead Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong consulting professional skilled in Scripting, Virtualization, Cisco Systems Products, and UCCE.

Photo of Vijay Kumar Pantange

Vijay Kumar Pantange

Senior Consultant

Sr.Consultant – CX & Collaboration.

Photo of Darren Parkinson

Darren Parkinson

Applications Director

Applications Director at Natilik, a specialist IT and Communications provider.

Photo of John Pell

John Pell

Head of Architecture and Design for a Retail Banking Customer

I have been working in the Contact Centre and Unified Comms space for over 15 years and am passionate about delivering positive user experiences and outcomes through the use of innovative technologies.

Photo of Steve Perkins

Steve Perkins

Sr Solutions Engineer

Photo of Michael Peters

Michael Peters

Senior Software Engineer

Senior systems engineer, programmer with an emphasis on DevOps, web applications, scalability, systems automation and improving technology visibility throughout an organization.

Photo of Khoi Pham

Khoi Pham

Systems Engineer

Jiri Platek

Marketing Manager AV and UC&C technology – business and government solutions

Photo of Jiri Platek

Jiri Platek

Marketing Manager AV and UC&C technology

Marketing Manager AV and UC&C technology – business and government solutions

Photo of Jason Poudrier

Jason Poudrier

Systems Engineer

Collaboration Engineer working for Cisco dCloud.  Developer of the Spark Services Demo and Spark Enablement Lab listed on Cisco dCloud

Photo of Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Systems Engineer

Photo of Amanda Price

Amanda Price

Sales Business Development Manager

Photo of Vojtech Prikryl

Vojtech Prikryl

Photo of David Pritchard

David Pritchard

Software Developer

Photo of Ashish Raj

Ashish Raj

Sr. Systems Engineer

A Sr. Systems/Network Engineer with a deep passion for Computer Networking encompassing Collaboration, Route and Switch, Datacenter, and Virtualization Technologies.

Have worked with several Enterprise customers at different levels/capacities on various technologies helping them Design, Deploy, and Troubleshoot complex networks.

Highly motivated towards learning new things, Spark and web integration being one of them.

Photo of Rohan Ramos

Rohan Ramos

Technical Director

Rohan Ramos is the Technical Director at Aqueduct Technologies, responsible for leading and building the Collaboration Practice. He has over 20 years of in-depth experience in Project Management, Network Design, Design Implementation, Testing & Support. He is a Dual Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) in Routing & Switching & Collaboration and held his CCIE for over 17 years.…

Photo of Jason Randazzo

Jason Randazzo

Systems Engineer

Jason Randazzo is a Cisco Systems Engineer specializing in Collaboration, providing Sales and Technical Team leadership and Account Support for the Northeast Commercial Team. Jason works with key accounts such as Invicta, EnerNOC, Draper Labs, Wright Express and Orvis to evolve their growing collaboration needs and be an ambassador of new Cisco solutions. The latest business initiatives that Jason has been involved with are reducing enterprise costs and complexity by implementing Spark for workflow messaging and collaboration, optimizing remote worker productivity with BYOD strategies and solutions and reducing business travel costs with integrated video solutions.…

Photo of Brandon Rebbe

Brandon Rebbe

Technology Director

Currently working towards helping the word figure out that AV does not need to be complicated. I have 15+ years of UC experience, and a great understanding of how conferencing technologies work.

Photo of Joshua Reola

Joshua Reola

Business Development Manager

Spark and Tropo API evangelist.

Photo of Sugueit Tautiva Reyes

Sugueit Tautiva Reyes

Product Manager

Photo of Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson

Collaboration Pre-Sales Consultant

Photo of Janice Rimmer

Janice Rimmer

Project Manager

Worked for a Cisco Learning Partner for 12 years in a past life. Now, I’m back in the Cisco-sphere and am focused on the adoption of collaboration tools.

Photo of Branden Ritchey

Branden Ritchey

Advanced Services Manager

Senior Manager for Advanced Services Collaboration IDT; Responsible for the global conferencing Advise, Implement, Operate (AIO), and Business Critical Services (BCS) support services business for Cisco Systems; leading WebEx Technologies, Cloud Connected Audio (CCA), and Jabber services; as well as Cisco’s Innovative solutions and architectures around Spark, Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR), and the numerous Spark Hybrid services and integrations these solutions offer.

Photo of Peter Ritz

Peter Ritz


Passionate Cisco Spark evangelist and Spark Video Consulting Systems Engineer.

Photo of Randle Rivers

Randle Rivers

Lead VoIP and Network Engineer

Photo of Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer for Public Sector accounts in Mexico. Collaboration enthusiast and Spark evangelist.

Photo of Pedro Martin Rodriguez

Pedro Martin Rodriguez

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer

A passionate professional with 15 years experience specializing in the IT industry.  Skilled in both technical and presale consultancies. Self-motivated with steady growth career in responsibility areas. Results oriented. People management experience. Global business overview and good communications skills with proven ability to adapt to different work environments.

Photo of Becky Roemen

Becky Roemen

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer, ConvergeOne Inc.

Photo of Luis Rosales

Luis Rosales

Voice Manager and Collaboration

Photo of Zdenek Roubal

Zdenek Roubal

Systems Engineer

Photo of Kyle Rubenok

Kyle Rubenok


Kyle is a student at McGill University and former Cisco Intern. While not developing IoT tools and Spark Bots, he is working towards a degree in Computer Science and helping businesses achieve their goals via his company, Penguinleaf Technologies.

Photo of Attila Rumy

Attila Rumy

Senior Systems Engineer

Photo of Jan-Willem Ruys

Jan-Willem Ruys


Jan-Willem has been working in Collaboration for 30+ years, starting by developing PBX’s, later joining Cisco to help companies transition to voice and video services on their data network and now we’re going to a similar transition period to cloud. Fanatical about all emerging tech and how to apply that to real-life needs.

Photo of David Salgado

David Salgado

Consulting Systems Engineer, Telefonica Global Account

I’ve been working in the UC industry for more than 10 years, mainly helping service providers create Cisco Collaboration Managed Services, including HCS, TPaaS, CCA SP, Contact Center, etc.  Spark based services is my next big thing.

Photo of Safa Salwan

Safa Salwan

IP Operations Engineer

Safa Salwan, 25 years old from Iraq, work as an IP Operations Engineer at Ericsson.
I graduated from the college of Telecommunications Engineering in 2014, University of Diyala in Iraq, and have 3 years experience in the IT industry.
Cisco Champion 2017, Cisco Spark Ambassador and Cisco Certified Network Professional in Routing and Switching.
Other Associations: Google Developers Groups & Google Women Techmakers Lead Organizer in Baghdad, World Merit (NGO) Country Representative, UN SDG12 Delegate.

Photo of Guillain Sanchez

Guillain Sanchez

Technical Architect des solutions Unified Communications

Always in the high technologies and forever to provide new and advanced services to the end user to make the like easier!

Photo of Adam Schaeffer

Adam Schaeffer

Systems Engineer

Photo of Thomas Scheer

Thomas Scheer

Customer Solutions Architect

Photo of Nathan Schlutter

Nathan Schlutter

Systems Engineer

Nate Schlutter is a Systems Engineer with Cisco based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a technology generalist with expertise in unified communications and contact center technologies. Nate has worked in technology for over 15 years including time with a Microsoft small business solution provider, a Cisco gold partner, and a managed service provider offering hosted solutions.…

Photo of Nicholas Schou

Nicholas Schou

Account Manager

Cisco Virtual Sales Account Manager working for Commercial segment in Norway.

Photo of Niket Shah

Niket Shah


Pre-Sales Collab Systems Engineer . Niket has been designing, implementing , troubleshooting and sometimes breaking 😉 Cisco voice solutions for the past 10 years and now enablesthe partner community to sell the best collab portfolio in the market. He holds a CCIE in Collaboration, along with a few industry certifications.

Photo of Joshua Sillers

Joshua Sillers

Senior Solutions Specialist UC and Collaboration

Experienced Collaboration professional with  an eye on the user experience.

Photo of Vikramraj Sitpal

Vikramraj Sitpal


Nationality: Indian
DOB: 20/11/1994
Gender: Male
Occupation: Network Consulting Engineer
Certifications: CCNP R&S, CCNA Collaboration

Photo of Mathew Slack

Mathew Slack

Solution Architect – Collaboration

Solution Architect – Collaboration at CDW Canada. Industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in the AV, UC and Collaboration field.

Photo of Mathew Slack

Mathew Slack

Solution Architect – Collaboration

Mathew Slack is a Solution Architect with CDW Canada. Mathew combines his passion for Collaboration and Unified Communications with his business acumen to provide best in class solutions for his clients.

Photo of Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Photo of Edward Sohn

Edward Sohn

Chief Architect

A 25+ year IT veteran delivering expert technology solutions to organizations of all sizes and shapes, Edward is a distinguished thought and business leader in today’s IT services industry.

A sought after speaker, mentor and instructor, Edward’s reputation as an authority in IT infrastructure-based services and solutions precedes him. His creativity for solving complex problems coupled with his laser-focused drive to exceed customer requirements have resulted in unparalleled, high-quality IT solutions, time and again.…

Photo of Hana Solcova

Hana Solcova

Product Manager

AV MEDIA, Czech Republic

Photo of Clint Sorensen

Clint Sorensen

Systems Engineer

Photo of Matt Spool

Matt Spool

Manager, UC Solutions

Collaboration technologist and evangelist.  Located in New York, leading a team of industry-best Solutions Architects supported everything Cisco Collaboration.

Photo of Patrick Stephens

Patrick Stephens

Systems Engineer

Photo of Danny Steventon

Danny Steventon

Director of Presales

Spark Evangelist

I have been a collaboration evangelist since 2005. The Spark platform has been the breath the fresh needed in a previously disjointed and non-integrated world of collaboration and has by virtue of its excellence transformed the way I work and indeed my customers. If you want to learn more about how this platform will transform your business with its messaging, meeting, calling, API, video services then reach out to me.

Photo of Stefan Stoedtgen

Stefan Stoedtgen

Senior Presales Consultant

Stefan is located in Cologne Germany and employed as the Senior PreSales Consultant at Westcon Group Germany within the Services Practice. He is a Sales Specialist for Cisco Enterprise Networking, Cloud Networking (Meraki) and Collaboration (OnPremise and Cloud). His daily business is to create solutions for end customers regarding new technologies, business outcomes and an optimized workforce.

Photo of Ivan Sykora

Ivan Sykora

Product Sales Specialist

Cisco Collaboration CSE for Tennessee Select

Photo of Erika Szabo

Erika Szabo

Consulting – Collaboration & UC

I am a consultant specialist in Collaboration & Software technologies for Cisco Brazil. I joined Cisco in 2001 and I am currently responsible for developing the Collaboration technical strategy for Brazil. With more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry and Software Development, I have also provided technical consultancy services supporting customers embracing collaboration technologies in all segments in Brazil.…

Photo of Mohammed Tabrez

Mohammed Tabrez

Project Manager.Cross Functional

Mohammed Tabrez, Technical Program Manager, CCCS

Photo of Dan Tamburino

Dan Tamburino

Unified Communications Engineer

Photo of Rois Taylor

Rois Taylor


Taleka is the premier provider of Collaboration end user adoption, eLearning and training solutions, with over 18 years experience in delivering collaboration and contact centre training solutions to global organisations.

Photo of Mike Thornback

Mike Thornback

Account Manager

I am a Collaboration Sales Engineer and Spark Evangelist. I believe strongly in using technology to better collaboration between people, teams, and organizations and finding new and inventive ways to do that. This is why for me, Spark is so important to the market and why I believe that its ability to allow seamless switching between platforms and how it seamlessly encompasses Cisco’s Telepresence portfolio makes it the far and away leader in user experience!

Photo of Charlie Thorpe

Charlie Thorpe

Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco Spark Consulting Systems Engineer located in the UK supporting Cisco Spark opportunities across EMEAR. Cisco dCloud lab co-owner for Cisco Spark enablement labs. Distinguished speaker @ Cisco Live

Photo of Craig Tranter

Craig Tranter

Executive Briefing Presenter

As a former language teacher and digital education advocate, part of my role in education was to encourage the use of technology within the classroom. Having spent over 7 years in this role, it was time for a change and I managed to land a role working as a Technology Presenter for Cisco, which is great because it allows me to really be in the know with regards to advances in technology and it also gives me the opportunity to liaise with educational establishments across the globe about new developments, products and features.…

Photo of Chris Trapani

Chris Trapani

Systems Engineer

Photo of Pavel Truneček

Pavel Truneček

Solution Architect

More than 15 years experience with Cisco Unified Communication products, CCIE Collaboration 23519.

Photo of Petr Tucek

Petr Tucek

Technical Consultant

Photo of Zubair Usman

Zubair Usman

Consulting Systems Engineer

Spark Whizz based in London (UK) looking after Cisco’s Enterprise customers. Competitive Mavern. Story teller. Passionate about productivity.

Photo of Martin van Heukelum

Martin van Heukelum

Technical Director

Male, 34 years old. Video wizard and living Spark knowledge base.

Photo of Beatrice Vandervonden

Beatrice Vandervonden

Manager / Technical Expert

During my 12 years of experience in the field of systems and networks, I had the opportunity to learn many technologies and to realize technical projects very rewarding and varied.

I have always favored quality: the quality of the work provided, the quality of human relations …
And to make this approach even more meaningful, I created in April 2012 a company reflecting the values that are dear to me : Be Activ’IT.…

Photo of Thomas Vidgar

Thomas Vidgar

System manager

Photo of Ramon Villavicencio

Ramon Villavicencio

UC Networking Consulting Engineer

Collaboration SE based on Mexico City

Working the last 9 years in Connext Cisco Gold Partner. My responsabilities this years has been support, implementation and design collaboration solutions. Right now focused on cloud collaboration with spark cloud, video, Spark hybrid services and bots.

Photo of Lukas Vinkler

Lukas Vinkler

Global Unified Communications Operations Lead

UC Engineer for cloud solutions and now UC Operations lead. I am very passionate about Unified Communications technology and Spark Envinronment.

Angel Violero Ortiz

Network Engineer

With over 15 years of experience as a Network Engineer. Last 10 years of experience as Presales Engineer in Networking, Unified Communications with some knowledge in Security and Video. Current certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, etc.


– Design and Research in Unified Communications Solutions
– Wide knowledge of market (Network & Communications)
– Product and business definition and development
– Customer oriented
– Commitment and great ability for innovation
– Technical IT architecture
– Customer relationship management

Christopher Virgo

Photo of Josef Vodny

Josef Vodny


Photo of Miroslav Vodolan

Miroslav Vodolan

Cisco Certified | Senior System Engineer

Team Leader, Unified Communications

Photo of Haydn von Imhof

Haydn von Imhof

National Projects Divisional Manager

Manager and UC Engineer at Omega Digital Technologies.

Photo of Curt Vurpillat

Curt Vurpillat

Technology Consultant II

I am a Technology Consultant for Ingram Micro specializing in voice, video, and collaboration technologies. I have been in the telecom/IT space for about 23 years including 10 years managing an MSP. I spend most of my time now working with resellers, presenting at trade shows, and providing webinars on many different collaboration technologies; Cisco Spark is one of my preferred solutions.

Photo of Valerie Waddell

Valerie Waddell

Partner Account Manager

Photo of Michael White

Michael White

Consulting Systems Engineer

Photo of Nathaniel Williams

Nathaniel Williams

Entering this new career field as a high tech account executive after retiring from the U.S. Coast Guar